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A cold press juicer is a machine that extracts juices from fruits and vegetables using a gentle hydraulic pressing process. When using a cold press juicer, you will notice that the machine completely separates the juice from the fiber of fruits and vegetables and leaves the pulp completely dry. This juicer does not destroy the vital nutrients and enzymes present in the fruits and vegetables which are generally destroyed due to the heating process of other juicers. Moreover, the cold press juicer keeps the freshness of the juices intact as it prevents the contact with heat and air during the juicing process.

Due to the powerful blades of a regular or centrifugal juicer, fruits and vegetables are grinded. When these powerful blades run fast then they create heat which destroys the enzymes of the fruits. On the other hand, a cold press juicer actually works by gently pressing the fruits and vegetables and turning them into a totally dry pulp before extracting the juice. It does not let heat to be created in the juicer which prevents the juice from losing the key nutrients and enzymes and its freshness. The slow pressing of the fruit minimizes the chance of oxygen being absorbed with the pulp. Dr. Walker, a well-known scientist, acknowledges that at a temperature of 50 degree Celsius consumes enzymes contained in the fruit. When you are having juices then you would definitely want to have pure, fresh, nutritious, and full of energy juices which can only be prepared using a cold press juicer.

Advantages of a cold press juicer

Cold press juicer produces more juice with the same amount of fruit and vegetables than that produced using a centrifugal juicer. Therefore, it saves your money and will pay back in the long run. Cold press juicer does a lot; you can use it for others things such as making nut milks, baby foods, frozen fruit sorbets and for preparing juices of leafy green vegetables and wheat grass. In addition to this, the cold press juicer and its components are easy to clean. The parts of a cold press juicer can be rinsed in water and can be cleaned with a brush to scrub to remove any deposit of gems and fibers. As the machine or blade of a cold press juicer run slowly so there is less noise as compared to a centrifugal juicer.

Buying a Cold Press Juicer

Before buying ColdPressJuicer you need to research because various varieties of this juicer are available in the market. Cold press juicers are available in different sizes and colors. Different cold press juicers offer different features with variant prices. If you will use it more, then it is better that you buy as expensive one so as to avoid the hassle of repairing or replacing. You should select a juicer on the basis of your budget and requirements however; you must see the warranty and durability of the juicer.

An Immersion blender is a multi-practical gadget that can grind numerous things like onion, herbs, garlic, and nuts, and can mix salsa, mashed potatoes, sauce, whip cream and the best part is that it can prepare cocktails. A standout feature of Immersion blenders is that they can be used for small quantities and hence are quite useful for preparing baby food. As you turn on the Immersion blender, the blades located within the shaft start crushing the food items.

There are a lot of prevalent brand names that design and manufacture Immersion blenders. The Immersion blenders in the market range from manual ones to battery operated and electric Immersion blenders as well. The re-chargeable battery operated Immersion blenders offer mobility, comfort, independence, and ease of use. Electric Immersion blenders, on the other hand, offer variable speeds and higher performance due to powerful motors. Electric Immersion blenders enable you to grind almost each ingredient. Attributed to the novel caps of the electric Immersion blenders which that avoid splattering, you can deal with the power of the blender and ensure that food does not spill outside the container.

Making suppers has by no means been so easy! These small and compact blenders are a fundamental assistant for individuals who would like to cook promptly and simply. Mixing, pureeing, whipping cream, and grinding difficult items like Parmesan cheese, making smooth gazpacho, blending beverages or crushing ice; basically, things that you would likely typically do by Immersion could be done in the best Immersion blender within only a couple of moments! Top 10 Best immersion blender reviews 2019-buyer’s guide is all in one source for buying them online.

Tasks that would consume a lot of effort and time are finished speedier, and a great deal less effort is required. For instance: cutting a solid onion or cutting up the vegetables. In addition to this, Immersion blenders are quite convenient and easy to use. Unlike other types of blenders, they do not require adding the ingredients to the blender and then transferring them to a pot or container. Instead they can process the food items right in the pot or the container. Moreover, most of the Immersion blenders available in the market are capable of blending hot items like soups. Thus, you also do not need to cool the ingredients before processing them. Immersion blenders are extremely convenient and offer great mobility.

The food processor is capable of several useful and amazing feats in the kitchen. Before using the food processor, you must however know some important things regarding how to make the most of this modern marvel. Generally, you must carefully read the instruction manual of your food processor as each brand and each product is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. The results are likely to be better if you do as the manufacturer recommends. Below are some general tips for using the food processor:

  • For processing soft foods such as tomatoes use a light pressure while for using harder foods like potatoes and carrots, use a firmer pressure.
  • Avoid grinding too hard items as it would damage the blade or motor of your processor.
  • For processing cheese, first refrigerate it for ten to twenty minutes. Firm and well chilled cheese would yield the best results.
  • For achieving the best results and ensuring the safety of your processor, lightly pack the food tube.
  • Generally, the food processor would require to rest for a minute after every minute of operating.
  • While processing juicy foods, it’s best to slow down the speed of the processor.
  • It’s good to sharpen the food processor’s blades and in case they become damaged or dull, replace them immediately.
  • While whipping cream in your food processor, first ensure whether the food processor is capable of doing so or not. If your food processor does not has the speed for making good peaks, use a hand mixer instead.
  • Dust nuts with a bit of flour before chopping them in the processor. This would prevent the nuts from sticking to the processor.
  • You must use the right speed and the right blade for the specific task. For instance:
  • For slicing apples, cucumbers, and mushrooms, use the slicer disc on low speed.
  • For julienne vegetables, use the slicer disc on high speed.
  • For chopping nuts and mincing vegetables, use the S-blade on low speed and read best food processor & reviews 2019 to purchase most suitable blade processors.
  • For chopping meat and pureeing cooked foods, use the S-blade on high speed. If you are pureeing cooked food for your baby and want a specialized food processor for preparing baby food specifically, baby food processor would be the right gadget for you. For chopping cabbage, use the shredder disc on low speed. 
  • For processing firm cheese, use the shredder disc on high speed.

Using your processor in the right way could yield the best results and could tremendously aid in preparing food.