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A cold press juicer is a machine that extracts juices from fruits and vegetables using a gentle hydraulic pressing process. When using a cold press juicer, you will notice that the machine completely separates the juice from the fiber of fruits and vegetables and leaves the pulp completely dry. This juicer does not destroy the vital nutrients and enzymes present in the fruits and vegetables which are generally destroyed due to the heating process of other juicers. Moreover, the cold press juicer keeps the freshness of the juices intact as it prevents the contact with heat and air during the juicing process.

Due to the powerful blades of a regular or centrifugal juicer, fruits and vegetables are grinded. When these powerful blades run fast then they create heat which destroys the enzymes of the fruits. On the other hand, a cold press juicer actually works by gently pressing the fruits and vegetables and turning them into a totally dry pulp before extracting the juice. It does not let heat to be created in the juicer which prevents the juice from losing the key nutrients and enzymes and its freshness. The slow pressing of the fruit minimizes the chance of oxygen being absorbed with the pulp. Dr. Walker, a well-known scientist, acknowledges that at a temperature of 50 degree Celsius consumes enzymes contained in the fruit. When you are having juices then you would definitely want to have pure, fresh, nutritious, and full of energy juices which can only be prepared using a cold press juicer.

Advantages of a cold press juicer

Cold press juicer produces more juice with the same amount of fruit and vegetables than that produced using a centrifugal juicer. Therefore, it saves your money and will pay back in the long run. Cold press juicer does a lot; you can use it for others things such as making nut milks, baby foods, frozen fruit sorbets and for preparing juices of leafy green vegetables and wheat grass. In addition to this, the cold press juicer and its components are easy to clean. The parts of a cold press juicer can be rinsed in water and can be cleaned with a brush to scrub to remove any deposit of gems and fibers. As the machine or blade of a cold press juicer run slowly so there is less noise as compared to a centrifugal juicer.

Buying a Cold Press Juicer

Before buying ColdPressJuicer you need to research because various varieties of this juicer are available in the market. Cold press juicers are available in different sizes and colors. Different cold press juicers offer different features with variant prices. If you will use it more, then it is better that you buy as expensive one so as to avoid the hassle of repairing or replacing. You should select a juicer on the basis of your budget and requirements however; you must see the warranty and durability of the juicer.

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